British Flag Made in England. Patent No: GB2461518.
Mastaplasta is a registered Trade Mark: No: 012504205


Choose your design then chose your colour:     Brown-Black-Grey-Tan-Ivory-Red-Green

MastaPlasta was easy to install over the cracked portion of my brown leather desk chair and blends so well with the color that it is not noticeable even up close. Could not be happier.


Show us your MastaPlasta in action

What are MastaPlastas?

MastaPlastas are made from Axiomhide, the luxury alternative to real leather found on first-class airline seats and yachts. It can handle hospital-strength cleaning agents but is as soft to the touch as the finest Italian leather. It sticks to leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics but is not suitable for machine washing. In the UK alone, 10 million items of furniture a year become part of our growing landfill problem – sometimes merely because of a few unsightly snags and the fact that a new sofa can cost less than it costs to reupholster an old one. Save your sofa; save the planet.

Just peel and stick a MastaPlasta band-aid in your choice of colour to cover any holes, scratches, rips or stains on sofas, office seating, car seats, bean bags, leather jackets and more. It’s easy, cheap and it looks great. It stops rips dead in their tracks. You don’t need any damage, use it to identify luggageSimply choose from six designs – from 50mm in diameter to 200mm in length – in a range of colours: brown, black, ivory, red, tan and dark green.